BTW: Kamar Jorden

Jorden has caught 31 passes for 383 yards and 12 touchdowns in his first five games in the League.

April 25, 2013


Spokane rookie wide receiver Kamar Jorden has proven himself to be an essential asset to the 2013 undefeated Shock team. In his first five games of the season, he has hauled in 31 passes for 383 yards and 12 touchdowns.  The former Falcon has begun to find his niche in Arena Football, but only time will tell whether he will join the ranks of Donovan Morgan, Rod Windsor, Maurice Purify and Jared Perry as the next NET10 Wireless Rookie of the Year.

Mallory Treleaven sat down with the standout receiver to discuss his thoughts on the Shock team, his transition to Arena Football and his ultimate goal for the season.

MALLORY TRELEAVEN: What drew you to Arena Football?

Kamar Jorden: I was with the [Minnesota] Vikings during training camp but I broke my hand and was released.  When I got home, I knew that I wanted to play football again, so after about two weeks, Spokane had called me asking if I had any interest in playing. I had talked to some guys that played in the League and they said that Spokane was a good organization and that they treated their players well.

MT: What has been the key to success for this Shock team?

KJ: I think during camp we just had a lot of talented people there.  From day one, the rookies and everybody just came in on fire and you just knew it was a talented group. I also think having a talented group of rookies helped the veterans take their game to the next level because they don’t want to get passed up by rookies. Coach Olson been “all in” from the start and he’s always teaching the guys to play perfect and I think that really helped our team believe that you can make every play, that you can score that touchdown and that we can play anyone and win any game, and I think the team truly believes that.



MT: What about your playing style has made you one of Erik Meyer’s favorite targets?

KJ: I think I earned Meyer’s trust early on and it’s really hard for a rookie to earn that from a veteran quarterback. But when I came in I just wanted to make every play, and I think he sees that I’m going to try my hardest and play my hardest to go after every ball.

MT: What has it been like having veteran receiver Adron Tennell on the team? What have you taken from him to improve your game?

KJ: It’s been great having him there and because of him I’ve learned to be a consistent playmaker and to always be reliable. I watch him and know that whenever the team needs him that he’s going to come through for them and be that player that they can count on and that’s something that  I see in his game that I want to mimic. I just want to be that consistent threat.

MT: What was the transition like for you from the outdoor game to Arena Football?

KJ: The biggest transition for me was the walls. That was a big obstacle for me at first – I would be running full speed but once I came near that wall I would slow down. So it took me a little while to get past that. I had to flip over it a couple times and run into it full speed. Once I started hitting the wall, I noticed that it wasn’t that hard and once I started flipping over it and saw that it wasn’t as bad as I thought,  that’s when I started to become more comfortable and really run after it full speed. I needed that adjustment so that I could go get the ball no matter where it was.

MT: How has it been playing Deaf Valley?

KJ: It’s been one of the best experiences that I’ve had playing football. Honestly, I love playing in Arena. I love our fans, even for the scrimmage they were all going crazy. I just know that Spokane has the best fans in the AFL by far. My first home game I was going crazy because of all of the energy of the fans. However, I like playing away too.  I like hearing the other team’s fans cheer against me and talk trash – I love that. It definitely helps me get fired up. Arena Football has been a lot of fun, I’m definitely enjoying it so far.

MT: Do you have any goals for the season?

KJ: Since I’ve been here my main goal has been to be Rookie of the Year. Coming in, I knew I could play at the level of the veterans and I knew that I was a playmaker. I just wanted to prove to people that I can play anywhere that I go. So when I first came I knew I wanted to dominate and what better way to dominate than to be the best rookie player in the AFL.

My goal for the team is just to keep winning.  I just want us to keep getting better and I hope that this team can go undefeated and win a championship. I really want us to keep progressing because this is one of the best teams that I’ve ever played for.