BTW: Cameron McGlenn

Feb. 23, 2013

In this edition of Beyond the Wall, we caught up with defensive back Cameron McGlenn who made a big move this offseason when he was assigned to the Spokane Shock after two seasons with the Iowa Barnstormers. Mallory Treleaven sat down with McGlenn to hear more about his transition to the new team and his expectations for the season.

MALLORY TRELEAVEN: What drew you to the Spokane Shock?

CAMERON MCGLENN: The overall organization, how they run things, and the success they’ve had. I just hope that I am able to help them continue their success and keep winning games.

MT: Last season you led the League in tackles. Do you have any personal goals for this upcoming season?

CM: I’d like to lead the League in tackles again. I want to get my interceptions up and hopefully lead in any category that I can personally, and make All-Arena. I’d also like to help my team win a championship.

MT: What are your expectations for this 2013 Spokane team?

CM: They had a pretty good thing last year, we played them and it was a tough game. I hope we can compete with the best and make a run at the playoffs and the championship.

MT: What do you think your role will be on the team?

CM: I am going to have to wait until the season starts or training camp to see where I fit in, but I’ll play anywhere as long as I’m on the field and I can help the team win and compete with the best.

MT: How are you preparing for the transition into the competitive West Division?

CM: I’ve been watching film and working on my individual defensive back skills like back=peddling and opening up my hips. I’m just staying on top of my game and trying to be the best that I can possibly be.

MT: Who is the toughest receiver that you’ve ever had to go up against?

CM: It’s different. In practice last season I played against Jesse Schmidt and he’s such an overall football player; he’s strong, he has good hands, he’s not the fastest but he can always get open and use his body to keep the DB from getting the ball. Also, Reggie Gray has great speed, he’s quick and small so it’s hard to get hands on him and once you miss him he’s gone because he’s so fast. And Maurice Purify from Arizona. He’s a really good receiver, he’s also tall and he’s strong so he’s hard to tackle. I don’t think I’ve had just one receiver stick out, since different receivers have different attributes to help them be successful in this League. But those would be the top three receivers that I’ve had the most difficulty with.



MT: Do you have any pregame rituals?

CM: I pray before every game. I pray that the game goes well and everyone stays healthy. When I enter the field, I hit my chest three times. It’s something me and my grandpa started when I was seven years old and I first started playing football and it’s inspiration to me. But those are the two things I have to do before every game or else I don’t feel right when I go out there.

MT: What have you been doing in the offseason to train?

CM: I’ve been running and working out with my high school track team, trying to stay in shape and work on my speed. My friends have a gym down here. They train high school football players and I’ve been working out with them.

MT: What will it be like to return to The Barn and play against Iowa this year?

CM: It’ll be weird not to be in their uniform but I’ll feel like I’m home again since that’s where I spent the last two seasons. I’ve been keeping in contact with some of the fans up there and they told me that they can’t wait to see me and I can’t wait to see them. It’s going to be an exciting game because it will be the home opener and it will be my first game not in that uniform so it’s going to be a good game.

MT: Thanks for joining us today Cameron, and good luck this season!