AFL Alumni Association President: Frederick D. Gayles

AFL Alumni Association Vice President: George LaFrance

The Arena Football League serves its former players, coaches and staff through the AFL Alumni Association. The AFL Alumni Association creates a network for members and provides benefits such as discounts, community involvement, charity, jobs, invites to functions, voting on League issues, events, and Hall of Fame nominations.

Arena Football Alumnus,

This League has a great history and the former players, coaches and executives should be recognized. With that, I was appointed as President of the newly formed AFL Alumni association. George LaFrance, who was named an AFL Hall of Famer in 2011, will be serving as the groupís Vice President.

I would like to thank all of those Arena Football Alumni that have come together to join this group. Our goal is to create a vast network for former AFL players, coaches, executives, staff and cheerleaders.

We have a lot of great ideas for this group including reconnecting AFL Alumnus with the AFL League Office, teams, players staff and fans. Most of all, we are planning to get into the community.

Upon membership, fellow AFL Alumnus will receive a number of benefits. All members will receive AFL ticket discounts, invites to exclusive AFL events, functions, Hall of Fame nomination and vote on other League issues. This group will encompass a professional twist, where alumni help other alumni.

All members will receive an AFL Alumni card upon membership, an AFL Alumni shirt, exclusive access to ArenaBowl events, a subscription to the AFLís newsletter, ticket discounts and information about local charities and community involvement.

Now, we need your help to build this group. Continue to build our network in the AFL Alumni Association Facebook group. Remember, this group is only for former AFL players, coaches, executives, staff and cheerleaders.

We are in the process of building this network. Soon, all members will be able to connect in an email group. Then, the AFL Alumni Association will launch a website devoted to itís members.

Iím very excited about this. It has been a vision that I have always had and I would like to thank you all for taking these steps to join. Letís make this bigger.


Freddie Gayles

President, AFL Alumni Association